Monday, September 27, 2010

Programs this Week

Monday, 9/27
1L Mandatory Self-Assessment Program w/ Dr. Marty Peters
Section 1 – 10am in HOL 285B
Section 2 – 2pm in HOL 180
Section 3 – 1pm in HOL 285B
Most first year students are not sure what they would like to do or how to begin their career search. Dr. Peters is here to help you explore how understanding your personality and strengths can help you target legal career paths and reach your goals. 2Ls/3Ls welcome to attend, space permitting.

Tuesday, 9/28
Gaining Insights Series: Transactional v Litigation
12pm, HOL 345
Prof. Daniel Sokol & Prof. Lee-Ford Tritt will discuss the differences between these two legal career paths. This is a great opportunity to explore potential careers and learn how to handle this distinction in a legal interview.

Wednesday, 9/29
Tough Economy Survival Series: Dean Robert Jerry
12pm, HOL 180
Dean Jerry will discuss current economic conditions in the legal market and what they mean to you.

Thursday, 9/30
Corporate Responsibility Careers
12pm, Bailey Courtroom
Prof. Michael Siebecker will speak about careers that focus on corporate social responsibility. Learn about this alternate career path where a law degree may be especially useful.